Yn (furorpoeticus) wrote in tsubasa_shoujo,

Hmmm... hullo... my name is Killie, and I kind of found this community randomly, but it's a pretty nifty idea. I'd have to say my favourite female character from Tsubasa is Sakura (I'm lame, I know) but I love Yuuko the most... I'm just not sure if she counts! XD Tomoyo is also pretty kickass... anyways, I hope this isn't against the rules, but I have a new comm I'd like to spread the news around about ~ please take a look!

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trc_altlove is a community for those of us in both the TRC and Holic fandom who have a liking for rare/non-canon pairings. For example, Fai/Sakura, Kurogane/Syaoran, Watanuki/Yuuko, Syaoran/Syaoran, Kurogane/Yuuko, etc etc. pretty much any pairings you can think of that aren't canon. We welcome you with bribes of pocky and fun times ~ so come join and spread the love ♥
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